Call for Applications for Support for Mentored Field Studies Conducted by New Participatory Epidemiology Practitioners or Trainers

The Participatory Epidemiology Network for Animal and Public Health (PENAPH) is a partnership of organizations and individuals that seek to facilitate the continued development and application of participatory methods in epidemiology. The overall goal of PENAPH is to enhance epidemiological services in the developing world by making them more representative of and responsive to the needs of beneficiaries.

PENAPH seeks to encourage high standards of training and practice in participatory epidemiology (PE) and provides certification for practitioners as a means of encouraging good training practice. The PENPH training process recognizes the importance of practical experience.

There are three requirements for PENAPH certification as a PE Practitioner. These are:

  • Completed a 10-day PE Introductory Training Workshop that includes practical field exercise
  • Completed a short field study, usually of one-months duration, and provided a report of results
  • Participated in a three day refresher training to share results and experiences

For some trainees who have completed an introductory workshop, resources have not always been available to complete the field studies portion of the training program. The PENAPH – Empowering National and Regional Stakeholders Project, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, provides financing for a mentored field study activity that seeks to facilitate trainees to complete their practical field experience requirements.

Objective: To provide opportunities for individuals who have completed an introductory training workshop in PE practice to obtain the practical experience required to complete the requirements for PENAPH PE practitioner certification.

Funding: Up to 5 applications will be funded. Maximum total budget from project 6,000 USD per mentored study. Co-funding from other on-going projects encouraged.


This project activity will support up to five individuals to complete short mentored field studies. The study topics should be relevant to development challenges and ideally will contribute to assist complimentary programs to reach their objectives. An important secondary objective is to help PENAPH partners strengthen their networks with local partners. It is envisaged that the studies will require 1 to 2 months of field work which should be completed within 4 months of receipt of the award.

Studies that indirectly contribute or add value to efforts for the formation of local PE organizations will be encouraged. One required output is the submission of a paper for the PENAPH conference planned for December 2012. The paper will be reviewed by the Workshop Technical Committee and may be either accepted as an oral publication, as a poster, or rejected. Submission is required by September 15th, 2012. In the case of rejected papers that were submitted on time, the study team would have an opportunity to respond to comments and resubmit. Publications for peer-reviewed journals are also encouraged. Presentation and participation in the Technical Workshop will be considered equivalent to participation in a refresher trainee and the trainee will receive a PENAPH Practitioner certificate at the closing of the technical workshop.

The funding available is envisaged to cover mentor and trainee field travel costs (transport and expenses) and materials. An advance payment will be made to enable the field work and a final payment will be made based upon the completion of reporting requirements. This information will be detailed in a consulting agreement between ILRI and the awardees signed at the time of award of the funding

A mentor is defined as an experienced PE trainer from one of the PENAPH partner organizations who has overseen practical PE study assignments in the past. The mentor’s role in the field studies will be to guide the trainee in the development, implementation and analysis of the study. A separate fund is available to support developing country participation in the PENAPH Conference, so this does not have to be budgeted.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of representatives from at least three PENAPH partner organizations.

Application Requirements:

  • A trainee and mentor team (CVs attached)
  • A brief description of the candidates training in PE including the organization that implemented the training, the length of the training, key topics covered and the amount of practical field work including in the training
  • The mentor comes from a PENAPH partner organization and has demonstrated expertise in PE
  • A two-page concept note detailing objective, relevance to development context, study site and stakeholder groups, methodology, timeframe and expected outputs.
  • A brief budget covering all costs requested from the project

Required Outputs:

  • A publication quality paper submitted for presentation at the PENAPH Technical Workshop planned for December 2012. The paper will be reviewed for quality by the technical program committee of the Technical Workshop. The final payment will be made on the basis of the acceptance of the paper as either a oral presentation or poster.

Review Criteria:


  • Previous completion of a full PE introductory training workshop.
  • A mentor from a PENAPH partner organization

Primary evaluation criteria:

  • Qualifications of Trainee/Mentor Team
  • Quality of proposal
  • Relevance of study topic to development context
  • Feasibility
  • Level of mentor support


  • Value added to other PENAPH activities
  • Additional outputs proposed

Application Submission and Deadline:

Applications should be submitted to Jeff Mariner no later than February 17th, 2012. Submission should be made by E-mail to and include; PENAPH Mentored Field Study Application in the subject line. Receipt will be confirmed.

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