Results of PENAPH calls for mentored studies and support for national and regional organizations

PENAPH received 5 applications for the mentored studies call and 11 applications for support of national and regional organizations call. Two committees of three individuals each were formed to review the proposals. The membership of the committees was drawn from the core partners and decisions were made by consensus. All proposals were scored for quality and relevance. Proposals were of good quality and PENAPH commends the applicants for their efforts. Unfortunately, we could not fund all.

Three mentored studies were selected for funding coming from countries in West Africa, South Asia and South East Asia. Four group proposals were selected that will establish PE network organizations in West Africa, Uganda and South East Asia. The successful applicants have been informed. Congratulations!

The PENAPH core partners were impressed with the level of interest and commitment that was shown to the evolving field of participatory epidemiology by the response to the calls. PENAPH will seek to meet this demand by working to create new opportunities for the community of practice. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Read more about the calls below:

Call for Applications for Support for Mentored Field Studies Conducted by New Participatory Epidemiology Practitioners or Trainers

Call for applications for support to regional or national participatory epidemiology organizations

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