PENAPH Workshop Dec 11-13, Chiang Mai – Registration, Payment, Hotel Booking and Visas

Workshop Registration, Payment of Conference Fees, Hotel Bookings and Visa Procedures

The PENAPH Technical Conference will share experiences in the application of PE, innovative papers describing new developments and host discussion forums on hot topics in participatory epidemiology.

Our registration, payment, hotel booking and visa process are now in place. 63 people have already registered. Please follow the instuctions below.

For those who reqested a stipend, they will receive an individual E-mail tomorrow giving the result.

Step 1: Registration for the workshop is now open at: At the registration site, citizens of developing countries and/or full time students from anywhere in the world, can request a waiver of the conference fee. Those granted a waiver will receive a ‘discount code’ for Step 2 Payment of the conference fees within a few days of registering.

Step 2: Payment of conference fees is now open. The fee for those who do not have a stipend or waiver is 175 USD. For those with a stipend or waiver, you will receive a discount code, but still need to go to this site and ‘purchase’ your ticket with a 100% discount using your code. The conference fee will increase to 225 USD after November 22, 2012. Please make payment early to assist us in planning. The site for payment of conference fees is:

Step 3: Hotel bookings at the Mae Ping Hotel are done by downloading the booking form and sending it to the hotel. We have reserved a block of rooms which will be held until October 30th. After that date, we can’t promise that there will be a room in the Mae Ping hotel. There probably will be rooms near by though. If you have not been awarded a stipend, you will need to reserve your room and pay for the first night to confirm the reservation. For those with a stipend, the organizing committee will reserve and guarantee your room. The form can be downloaded at

Questions??? Send an E-mail to:

Visa Procedures:

Participants from the US and Canada, most of Europe and South East Asia may enter Thailand without a visa. The countries requiring visas can be seen in a map of the world at

Participants from AFRICA (other than South Africa and Ethiopia), Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan will need to obtain a VISA IN ADVANCE from the Thai Embassy designated for their COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE. This means that if you are resident outside your own country, you will need to apply to the Thai Embassy designated for the country where you are resident.

The conference organizers can provide guidance and documents to help you get a visa, but you need to start early. You must E-mail a scan of your passport and arrival and departure dates to with the subject line ‘Thai Visa for PENAPH Conference.’ Please give your country of official residence so that CMU can prepare the right documents and send them to the right embassy.

The CMU secretariat will provide a letter of invitation from the conference. If you have been awarded a stipend, PENAPH will provide a letter indicating that you have financial support. If you are covering your own costs, you may be required to present a letter or proof of money to guarantee your living expenses will in Thailand. They will also send documents directly to the appropriate Thai Embassy for your country of residence.

You will also require a passport valid for at least 6 months, photos and a copy of your air ticket or electronic ticket


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