PE Practitioner Training – GHI – Chiang Mai University, Thailand – Feb 6-9 and 13-17 2017

A Participatory Epidemiology Practitioners Training will be offered as part of the Global Health Institute event being held at Chiang Mai University in February 2017. The course will be offered in 2 parts. The classroom component will be held from Feb 6-9 and the field practice from Feb 13-17.

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Below is a summary of the call for abstracts for the conference Feb 10-11 and a description of the pre and post conference courses

GHI 2017
The Deadline of abstract submission is around the corner!!

5 themes are covered in “The 3rd Global Health Conference of Researchers in Emerging Disease at Convergence of Animal, Human and Environmental Health” (10-11 February 2017)

1. Emerging and re-emerging diseases
2. Antimicrobial resistance
3. Application of risk analysis
4. Epidemiological tools and application
5. Food safety and hygiene

Plus, 6 intensive courses in Feb 2017

Course 1: Global Health Leadership: the convergence at animal, human and
environment, for outbreak responding using One Health Systems Mapping and Analysis (OH-SMART) (5-9 February 2017)

Course 2: Participatory Epidemiology Approach to One Health – EcoHealth
(Introduction) (6-9 February 2017)

Course 3: Participatory Epidemiology Approach to One Health – EcoHealth 2 Community base) (13-17 February 2017)

Course 4: Social Network Analysis (13-17 February 2017)

Course 5: Farm to Table (13-17 February 2017)

Course 6: Food Safety Risk Analysis (20-24 February 2017)


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