PENAPH Conference Course: Introduction to Participatory Epidemiology and Surveillance

We have enough sign-ups to offer the Introduction to Participatory Epidemiology and Surveillance Course, but still have a few more slots available. You can sign-up on the eventbrite site at The course description is below:


Introduction to Participatory Epidemiology and Surveillance

Instructors: Jeff Mariner, Sirikachorn Tangkawattana and Warangkhana Chaisowwong

Course Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the principles and concepts of participatory approaches and differentiate participatory methods from other methods
  • Conduct semi-structured interviews and lead participatory exercises such as mapping, visualization techniques, ranking and scoring methods
  • Utilize direct observation as a tool in assessments
  • Interpret results and communicate findings of research, assessments and surveillance activities that employ participatory methods
  • Design participatory studies and surveillance activities using participatory methods or that combine participatory methods with quantitative approaches.


Course duration: 10 days – Jan 15-19 and Jan 22-26

Course Description:

This program provides the training required as the first step in obtaining a PENAPH Practitioner Certificate in Participatory Epidemiology. The course provides a hands-on introduction to participatory epidemiology and prepares individuals to undertake participatory research, assessment and surveillance activities. The training process is tailored to mature students and emphasis practice and experiential learning. Upon completion of the course, those students who show evidence of having applied the techniques in their work are eligible to receive a PENAPH Practitioner Certificate (

The first 2 days of the course will focus on principles and concepts. Thereafter, approximately 3 days will be devoted to training and in-class practice of participatory tools and methods. The second week of the course will emphasize field practice of techniques and planning of practical field assignment after the introductory course.

Appropriate training candidates are professionals and students at the professional and graduate level interested in qualitative methods and field research or disease surveillance who will actively use the tools in their work after the training program is completed.  Candidates will need to indicate their willingness to complete the entire course. The course is an ideal opportunity to build a strong foundation in participatory methods for individuals active in surveillance systems.  Sponsorship of participants by on-going disease control programs is encouraged.

Course Fee: USD $500 USD not including travel expenses. Lunches and coffee breaks included. Note transport for the field component is included.

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