Second PENAPH Conference Jan 10-12 Khon Kaen: Conference Program

Dear Second Conference Participants:

Welcome to Khon Kaen. It promises to be a very nice three days in Khon Kaen. It’s some of the best weather of the year. If you are arriving by plane at the Khon Kaen Airport look for hotel staff with a sign for the Pullman Hotel or PENAPH to get the shuttle to the hotel. You are free on Tuesday to explore the city.

Conference registration starts on the morning of January 10th (Wednesday) on the second floor of the hotel outside the Royal Orchid Ballroom at 8 AM. Poster stands will be available in this area.

Presentations should be brought to the Secretariat in the Ballroom between 8:30 and 9 AM of the day of the presentation.

The program updated on January 9th can be downloaded from

Most presentations have a time block of 20 minutes. Presenters should plan to speak for 15 minutes and leave 5 minutes for questions and change of speaker.

Selected presentations marked on the program as innovative presentations have a 30-minute time block. Presenters should plan to speak for about 22 minutes and leave the reminder for discussion and change of speaker.

We will have two free excursions. One to a major Thai Buddhist Temple after the last session on Wednesday the 10th. The second excursion is a tour of KKU Veterinary Faculty on Friday afternoon after lunch on Friday at 2:30 PM. Sign-up for the excursions will be at the time of Registration on the 10th.


Jeff Mariner

PENAPH Coordinator

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