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First announcement: PENAPH technical workshop 2012

The Participatory Epidemiology Network for Animal and Public Health (PENAPH) is a partnership of organizations and individuals that seek to facilitate the continued development and application of participatory methods in epidemiology. PENAPH partners include animal health and public health organizations committed to one health and ecohealth approaches. The overall goal of PENAPH is to enhance … Continue reading

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Participatory disease surveillance in Armenia

This week, Syed Noman Ali provides an update on some work by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and others to  introduce participatory epidemiology to strengthen animal disease surveillance and control of Zoonotic diseases including highly pathogenic avian influenza in Armenia. Read the blogpost Continue reading

Animal Health / Disease Control / Epidemiology / Livestock / PENAPH

Introducing PENAPH and PE

With human and veterinary medicine integrated into a common approach, participatory epidemiology is a powerful tool in international public health. Many initiatives in Africa and Asia have demonstrated that participatory methods empower communities and encourage teamwork between farmers, veterinarians, nurses, doctors, governments and other specialists. As a result, lives are changed through improved health, livelihood … Continue reading